hard rain - Lykke Li

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Lykke Li - hard rain Şarkı Sözü

If you like the feeling
Of a hard rain falling
I have a sea full
I can give you an ocean
Love, love is a feeling
If you feel it you feel it
Like when it's raining

We shouldn't have to work so hard to break this wave in our way
Shouldn't wanna walk away so you won't see the fear I face
Every time I look at you standing still I wanna wait
But you never tell me no, baby wait, baby stay

So I'm trynna get us back together
Though we never been apart
Trynna find a shelter from the weather
Before a rain come down on us
You say it like it's easy but it's not easy, baby
Do you see me, do you want me
Do you need me to be near you so you got somebody next to your body
Somebody next to your body
Keeping me up, keeping me down, keeping me up, keeping me down
Keeping me up, down

If there's no feeling, no meaning, say something
Did I mean something to you, you show nothing
Was it real, did I block it, it's my fault we lost it
And look at us now
Us is holding us hostage